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Chairman's Message

Chairman's Message

Since its establishment in 1970 with a mission of promoting industrial peace and national economic development, the Korea Enterprises Federation (KEF) has played a key part in industrial relations while representing businesses in Korea, and has been dedicated to improving Korean labor laws, regulations and practices for the past 50 years. In 1987, the Korean economy faced confrontational and conflictive industrial relations, experiencing 3,700 labor disputes. Over the past decades, industrial relations have stabilized and the number of disputes has decreased to around 100 cases a year.

Along with Korea's economic growth over the past decades, it is now facing intense global competition and the challenges that entails. Korean enterprises and industries need to increase their competitiveness in order to have an advantageous position amongst developing and advanced economies, and create more jobs. Innovation, industrial restructuring, and cooperation between labor and management are the keys to gain an competitive edge in the global market.

Since 2018, the KEF has undergone a transition to strengthen itself as the leading organization representing Korean business, covering economic and management issues, corporate governance, and regulatory reform, as well as labor issues. In line with the rapid technical progress brought on by the 4th Industrial Revolution and the trend of contactless and flexible work, the new KEF is expanding and strengthening its role and activities in the new era.

The KEF is committed to promoting business investment through the reform of regulations on new industries. We are also committed to increasing our policy advocacy in business activities, regulatory reform, corporate governance, taxation, and many other fields where Korean enterprises bear larger burdens than most of their global counterparts.

Sohn Kyung-shik