About KEF



KEF Commitment

The KEF is opening a new era with our 50th anniversary. We remain committed to the development of Korean economy as the leading business organization.

  • The KEF is the government’s policy partner for economic & business issues.

    We advocate for employers and business communities, seeking to create a business-friendly environment and improve the competitiveness of Korean enterprises and industries.

  • The KEF represents Korean business for peaceful industrial relations.

    For the past 50 years, we have been dedicated to improving labor laws, regulations and practices in Korea, and to establishing cooperative industrial relations.

  • The KEF is the hub of economic cooperation network.

    As the representative of business in Korea, the KEF cooperates and maintains close ties with international organizations such as the ILO and the OECD/BIAC. The KEF actively connects 87 business organizations in Korea as the secretariat for the Korea Industry Associations’ Council (KIAC).

  • The KEF provides information platform and guidance for business.

    The KEF provides practical and professional services for member companies include wages, working hours and other labor issues, information on the latest trends in the economy, business, and HRM.

Business-friendly Environment

  • The KEF promotes business-friendly policies that enhance competitiveness of Korean enterprises.


    Improving business system to give companies a competitive edge

    The KEF takes the initiative to give companies a competitive edge by improving tax systems and regulations related to economy and business.

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    Promoting regulatory reform for business-friendly environment

    The KEF raises voice of enterprises to remove the regulatory burden on business activities.

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    Establishing a preventive and effective OSH management system

    The KEF ensures effective OSH system, and runs an ‘Health and Safety Committee of Enterprises’, the only consultative body established by an business organization.

Stable & Cooperative Industrial Relations

  • The KEF endeavors to improve labor laws and
    regulations while promoting stable and
    cooperative industrial relations.

    Through social dialogue as the business representative,
    the KEF strengthens enterprise competitiveness and
    cooperation between labor and management.


    Promoting labor laws and regulations in tune with industrial policies

    The KEF delivers voice of business to the government and the National Assembly for promoting more flexible labor laws and regulations in line with the 4th industrial revolution.

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    Establishing stable and cooperative industrial relations

    The KEF builds cooperative industrial relations by promoting a balance between the labor and management, and providing services related to labor-management cooperation.

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    Improving social insurance system in harmony with business sustainability

    Through active participation in various government committees, the KEF works to ensure reasonable insurance contribution rates for enterprises and makes suggestions for sustainability of Korea’s social insurance schemes.

Hub of Business Network


represents enterprises across the nation,
from large corporates to small and medium-sized enterprises.

  • The KEF is actively responding to the rapidly
    changing business environment through its
    domestic and international networks.

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    Global business network

    In ILO and OECD/BIAC meetings, the KEF represents Korean business. We build business-friendly environments through private diplomatic activities.

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    Connecting business organizations in Korea

    The KEF works with academics and expert groups through a variety of forums and committee meetings. In our role as the KIAC secretariat, we are also a key part in connecting 87 business organizations across Korea.

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    Nationwide business network

    The KEF’s 15 regional federations provide services and gather opinions from local businesses.

Membership & Service

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    Systematic supports for risk management

    After reviewing the new member company’s HRM system, services are provided to prevent and resolve labor disputes.

    The KEF runs an OSH taskforce and supports companies with measures on preventing industrial accidents.


    Customized consulting services

    Consulting services suitable for each industry are provided. 

    Labor Management Consulting Center provides consulting services for SMEs.


    Up-to-date and comprehensive information on economy & labor market

    Policy information provided through a variety of meetings, seminars, and forums.

    Premium info services are offered through the KEF website and webzine.

    In-depth policy research, surveys and publications.

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    Meetings for managers and officers

    KEF Top Management Forum

    CEO seminars

    KEF Research Forum, Health and Safety Committee of Enterprises


    Education and Training Services

    Skills training programs are offered.

    Provide customized overseas training courses.